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  1. Hoff, Hi!

    I have read your comment…feel free to remove it.
    OK,when I open the video blog, those posts I have mention to you apears to me twice, one of it looks already accepted and the other one is waiting for moderation…that’s what I see, perhaps on others viewers does not apear. Anyway!

    Hoff: It’s the same at Real Jew News . com. Now it shall be gone. The problem here is this blog is only two days now. I don’t have the time to fix it all at once. Then there is How does it work? As you can see I’m posting comment instead of edit the main entry. The commentbox is full of comments.

    Moving on to your comment…

    “Why diden’t anyone think of this before? To collect all the best videos about the jew mafia on one page.”

    I do not know yet if you are Christian or in progres to become one…but let’s do not judge to not be judge the Christian teachings says. I am happy for you that came out with the ideea of having a handy video- blog. Be proud but in the same time humble.

    If you will know how many people disagree with us here, my fellow Americans are brain washed to embrace jew-mafia teachings, what we are doing here is to educate them.
    So, I will fallow your instructions and let’s focus to save the books and videos on CD because very soon the internet will be censored like in Australia
    I already start printing the books on paper to make sure I have it black on white.

    Thake care, Keep up the good work

    Hoff: Me … humble ?D))

    Think of this blog as our blog. Just keep posting video links. Later I will edit the video library. Give it a firmer and structured style, but for now, just post what you got and can find.
    Link test

  2. joshua

    BTW… Do you know what might be going on over at [ ] ? ~~~~ Last week the article entitled ‘The Joy of being Gentile’ got over 70 comments in a day or 2, then I haven’t seen ANY SINCE… ~~~~ I am unable to comment there either… can you try to make a comment there ? I hope everything is O.K. with the people behind that blog, because one of the last posts on there is from a CRAZY lady named : ‘Ruth Bernstein’… in that post she is threatening the author of the article with the ADL… then BOOM – Nothing new since ! ~~~~ Just a heads-up for you (you’re on wordpress, too !) ~~~~ Later, Hoff Man !

    I know that blog, but I just don’t have the time right now. This is typical jew mafia style, threaten good people. That’s one of the secret weapons the jew mafia has. I’m gone write a longer piece about the secret weapon of mass destruction the jew mafia has. See you here


    Hi Hoff,
    I liked your style of inquiry into the Jewish question on, and your sincerity in opposing the Jews’ wickedness. This is an awesome blog, and I would like to post here when I get some time.

    I think people need to be more aware of Jewish ritual murder, which is rampant worldwide, especially in Jew owned and operated abortuaries in the West.
    I was pleased to see you have as a link. See especially Arnold Leese on Jewish ritual murder …
    The Jews have been satanic murderers and liers since the Crucifixion, and they know it! Religious Jews say Lucifer is their god, and they’ve adopted the Luciferian maxim that “the end justifies the means”, which means they’ve ‘justified’ killing millions of innocent people to get a world of their own, where they say they won’t have to be evil anymore.
    But this also is a Jew lie, because the Jews will only be more wicked without Christ if they get a world of their own, and more wicked than they were when they had control of the USSR.
    Check out this horrific link telling us what the Jew inspired Red Army did to innocent German civilians, including young girls, when the Jew led communist beasts took over German territory near the end of the war. It will make your blood boil …
    See also …
    Keep up the good work.

    Orthodox Russian
    And also I forgot. Take a look at this site and include this in your blog too

    I haven’t had the time to check it out. What is it?

    Orthodox Russian
    Nice blog. I want to add that Marx was high priest of satan’s church. Here is his poem where he exclaims
“With Satan I have struck my deal.
He chalks the signs, beats time for me,
I play the death march fast and free”
Yes, indeed he brought death march to Russia with
illuminati puppets trotsky, lenin.

    Thx. Post it again, lost it Sorry.

    The reason why your comments wasen’t approved is I do not want the book and video library to turn in to chatt rooms. That’s why I started this chatt room. Only book online and video with a short text will be accepted in the library. Chatt is here. Write a comment and I will approve you guys, then you next comment will show instantly here in the chatt room. Welcome Hoff

  3. Animated map 911

  4. Chat Room ! Nice ! ~~~~ Br. Nathanael needs one of these babies !… he is always ‘moderating’ the most serious questions/issues that I have.. ~~~~ I can understand if he doesn’t have time, but others would gladly answer/inform me, I am sure ! ~~~~ p.s. The Ugly Truth is coincidentally, up and running again today !

  5. Hello joshua. I think that Haloscan might be right for Br Nathan.

    Why do’t you get your own blog? It takes five min. to get one going, then you write and get a few link at BN and then those who has the time can chatt whit you at your blog 24-7. Think about it.

    I work this blog 24-7 right now. I can only think what BN is going thru. First this blog was about books online only, then videos – of course. Then KatJuli called it a library – of course! A book and video library. Two simple page with no blippin and blopping banners, no nothing but short text and a link.

    I think I need two more pages at this blog, one for my own text and one to sites with daily and weekly alternative news and analysis. Bollyn for one:

    That way people can come here on a regular basis not only to read books or watch videos, but they can also read and compare what is said here with what other people say is actually happening in the world. Bollyn now what the jew mafia is up to.

    Nick-SAC, nice job you are doing. Exactly the way I want 8o)

  6. Hoff said “why dont you make your own blog ?”… ~~~~ josh says : I’m not sure I want to… I ‘m Getting VERY suspicious about some of these sites… I worry that they are just collecting IP ADDRESSES for future use… ~~~~ I’m commenting from a cell phone, and THEY cant find out my HOME address this way… and I think it’s REALLY PISSING THEM OFF !… ~~~~ All of my juicy comments NEVER seem to get through !

  7. joshua Said: All of my juicy comments NEVER seem to get through !

    Hoff: It did now. Welcome joshua.


    joshua: I’m commenting from a cell phone


    Hoff: So am I. I run this blog from a cell phone.

  8. Thanks Hoff, it’s good to know SOMEONE believes in REAL free speech !.. ~~~~ Alex Jones, and Infowars wont post ANY real truth… TheUglyTruth censors the juice… even Br. Nathanael has ‘moderated’ certain things… ~~~~ … These topics are HARD to get out : … Zbigniew Brzezinski ~ Ashkenazi Jewish/Polish name… the Rockefellers ~ Real name Rothafel ~ Jewish name… George Bush Sr. ~ Real name ~ George Scherf Jr. ~ Ashkenazi Jewish/German… ~~~~ Seriously, George Bush Sr. was the son of a spy working for the Weimar Gov’t in Germany, and was himself a young spy in training (later to head the CIA)… he actually spied on Nicola Tesla in the U.S… Tesla gave him the nickname “Curious George”, because he (Bush Sr./Scherf Jr.) was always snooping in Tesla’s Lab ! ~~~~ Google : George Bush Sr. is George Scherf Jr.

  9. Another Seemingly TABOO subject… : Is the fact that THERE WERE NO HIJACKERS on ANY of the planes on 9/11… it was all done ELECTRONICALLY ! There was no need for ACTUAL physical hijackers, and there is no record of any of the official version of Arabs on board ! ~~~~ They (Israel) only had to utilize the EXISTING ANTI-HIJACKING software… which allows them to OVERRIDE the cockpit controls, via Remote Control. ~~~~ A REAL commercial jetliner being hijacked is literally IMPOSSIBLE – to this day, and has been since the seventies ! ~~~~ Why this knowledge is not widespread… I do not know

  10. joshua: Alex Jones, and Infowars wont post ANY real truth… TheUglyTruth censors the juice… even Br. Nathanael has ‘moderated’ certain things

    Hoff: AJ says that arabs own Hollywood. Anyone who says that is stupid or a lier. 80 percent of Hollywood is owed by mafia jews. Period. You can’t trust a thing this lier says.

    911 is a fraud, I will add a new page about the 911 hoax. It’s easy to prove that 911 was a false flag operation.

    Alex Jones: Arabs Own Hollywood

  11. Is it true? Make sense.

    Do you know what the blue lines, the one above and the other below the Star of David on the Israeli flag represent? The Nile and the Euphrates!

  12. Alex Jones said WHAT ? ~~~ Even the FAKE ‘jews’ admit that they own Hollywood ! I feel so sorry for all the lost souls who think they’re getting ‘the scoop’ from the one who calls himself Alex Jones… He is obviously a ‘crypto-jew’, or a paid schill. ~~~~ Arabs run Hollywood ? – HA !

  13. That the lines on the Israeli flag would represent the lusted-after Biblical land of milk and honey would not suprise me AT ALL ! ~~~ I maintain that the so-called ‘Star of David’ (Seal of Solomon)… is the mark of the Beast ! Six triangles, and a hexagon within a six pointed star… this mark is on ALL U.S. One Dollar bills, and ALL Canadian Five Dollar bills (the smallest denominations, so EVERYONE has accepted one in their right hand, or has money on their mind [forehead] !) ~~~~ I encourage people to boldly outline the 6 pointed *STAR* on the aforementioned bills with a pen, to make it easier to spot… ~~~~ From now on I’m going to give any bills I receive (in my LEFT HAND) to less fortunate people (in food)…

  14. Hey everyone,

    Hoff and I are discussing the Holohoax over on my Weblog @

    Feel free to provide evidence based comments and give the reprobate Jews hell.

    Has realjewnews been sabotaged by high flying silly women, or are some of the posters in the pay of the Jews?

  15. I dont get it… the other day on RealJewNews KathJuliane made a comment about George Bush’s ‘Protestant’ agenda during his Presidency. ~~~ I made a reply to her stating MY OPINION that I THINK that the Bushes (Scherfs) MAY actually be Jewish… As above, I provided keywords to a Google Search for more info… that post went up, and was awaiting moderation – but was deleted. So I sent another saying I thought it very odd that he would delete it, and HE FREAKED ON ME, saying I had accused him of being a Zionist Spy ! (which I never said)…

  16. Congratulations Hoff ! Your blog is the ONLY place on the net that has NOT deleted my comments regarding the Bush/Scherf connection ~ which I now believe pegs the ‘Bushes’ as Zionist spies with origins in the Weimar Gov’t (which was FULL of Zionist Jews)… ~~~ Certain Websites have OVERREACTED SO MUCH, and quickly deleted everything I ever said ~ that in my opinion, they have shown their hand ! ~~~ Do you – dear Hoff – feel compelled to delete that post ?… No ?… well THAT is a normal way to act. My comment is MY comment, and does NOT reflect upon you, or your blog… ~~~ It’s so strange to see some people GO ON about fighting for ‘freedom of speech’… WHILE PRACTICING SEVERE AND BLATANT CENSORSHIP OF… SPEECH !

  17. I asked Br. Nathanael to explain why a supposedly ‘Christian’ President would endorse the Seven Noahide Laws, and set-up a 3 story tall Menorah on the White House lawn ? ~~~ Sounds more like the actions of a secret Jew to me ! ~~~ Add to that the clear Israeli influence, and the RELEASE, REFUSAL TO PROSECUTE, AND QUIET DEPORTATION as many as 200 Mossad spies on or after 9/11…

  18. Hi Hoff,

    Yes, the Magen David between two blue stripes on Israel’s flag does signify the Jews’ plot to possess and control all of the land historically given to the tribes of Israel by Jehovah in the Bible, from a tributary of the Nile to the Euphrates.

    It’s presently a satanic plot, because the Jews are reprobate concerning the gospel and opposed to God’s Son Jesus Christ, and are using murder and the lie to achieve it; and also because the six-pointed star or Magen David is second only to the five-pointed star or Seal of Solomon as an occult symbol used to conjure demons in the rites of witchcraft and Satanism.

    Satan and his demons respond first to the use of a pentagram or five-pointed star as an occult symbol in certain rites of witchcraft and Satanism, because they know it anticipates and celebrates Israel’s antichrist’s reign in the style of Israel’s King Solomon, which is intended to be the nemesis of Jesus Christ’s reign, which was anticipated by a “star coming out of Jacob” in the Old Testament (Nu. 24.17), and heralded when Christ was born “King of the Jews” according to a star in Bethlehem (Matt. 2.2).

    The Magen David or six-pointed star is second or subordinate to the five-pointed star or Seal of Solomon in occult rites of witchraft and Satanism, because Satan and his demons know it has affinity with mandatory global e-commerce under antichrist, as both you and “Joshua” have quite rightly pointed out.

    Did you know there is a tiny owl printed onto the U.S. dollar bill by order of the Jews. See …

    I can provide the occult interpretation for this owl on the U.S. dollar bill in another post if you want it.

    Could you please edit my URL in your blogroll, so that it reads
    (i.e., without the suffix “about/”), so that viewers will be directed to the homepage and not to a secondary page of the Weblog. Thanks.

  19. Is it working now?

  20. @ Hoff,

    Easier for visitors to understand the layout of the site now. Thanks.

  21. Hoff… What does “nick and massage” mean ?

  22. Hoff,… Re: Your post on RJN about Hitler… He was a dupe for the Roman Catholic Church, and a racist (as were most whites EVERYWHERE at that time). ~~~ He was a huge fan of America, and his interests in eugenics & sterilization of ‘undesirables’ came from his admiration of the pioneering efforts of the U.S. in these areas. ~~~ His racism aside, he tried to ensure that Europe was NOT over-run w/ Jewish Bolshevist communism, but instead remained ‘Christian’ based (even if he did get sucked into the Luciferian, Occultist, Kaballistic Freemasonic errors of the day… many U.S., British, Canadians fell for the same shit…) ~~~ I don’t think that Hitler realized that the U.S. and Britain had ALREADY been covertly taken by the Communists ! He offered peace, and held out hope that his ‘Aryan’brethren in Britain & the U.S. would ally w/ him against the Communist menace… instead Communist Russia and the British/French, along w/ the U.S. ganged up on Germany !… Strange bedfellows indeed…

  23. Dear Mr. Hoff,

    I’ve only just gotten around to viewing this site. I congratulate your effort, it’s well done and rich in detail and evidence. Thanks for running your contact info at RJN, I lost track of your earlier posts. Good luck dodging the jew screw.

  24. @ Joshua-

    We all look at the same evidence and get different conclusions, but I would ask you to consider this viewpoint: First of all, the U.S. and Britain are the historical originating places and original backers of Communism. It is not something alien to them: for example Lincoln was recently exposed as an avowed Marxist. Remember the symbolism of “RED” is that it was the color representing the royal blood of the British ruling monarchy ( The Red Dragon of Wales, Red Coats, the Jolly Roger, etc.), tracing their descent from the Biblical Cain. The “RED” movement is a two armed pincer trap, with the monarchy and their allies on one side, and the beguiled, angry “proletariat” on the other side. The goal: the destruction of the bloodline of Seth (Adam) and biblical Christianity/Torahism, and with it the Torah based system of private property and individual family sovereignty. Whereas the bloodline of Seth has been intermingled with that of Cain since the time of Noah, there is no pure line per se, the goal is the genocide of all whites not part of the “RED” alignment. With our destruction would come the end of all possibility of the Satanic Aryan (yes the ‘Jews’ are really Aryan) ruling class being opposed from within, or by equally endowed peers without. Hence the strict preservation of Jew British blood on the one hand, and the intentional destruction through culturally enforced intermarriage of the remaining whites, on the other hand.

  25. HOFF2:

    Could you please provide that link you’ve posted numerous times on Bro. Nathanael’s website of the young Jew who smugly and succinctly summarizes in as few words as possible how the Jews’ are inherently nation-wreckers?

    I’ve tried to find the link to no avail.

    One of the things that bothered me about Brother Nat is his recent denial that President’s Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Britain’s PM Churchill were Jewish. When I tried to post links validating that indeed all three had Jewish roots, it wasn’t posted.

    Thanks in advance,


  26. “It is not something alien to them: for example Lincoln was recently exposed as an avowed Marxist.” — Joshua

    Very, very good article (sounds as though you may have already read this or the book Stang’s touting) on Communism’s infestation into the American political party (Note: Alan Stang, who recently passed away was a steadfast denier of the Jewish criminal mafia, but a very astute writer otherwise)


  27. Hoff2:

    I forgot to add that it is a short video from “Youtube” if this helps prompt your memory.



  28. Here is the vid.

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