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  1. All the jews are arabs

    “Another finding, paradoxical but unsurprising, is that by the yardstick of the Y chromosome, the world’s Jewish communities closely resemble not only each other but also Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese, suggesting that all are descended from a common ancestral population that inhabited the Middle East some four thousand years ago.”


    You got to have this two daily:

    Real Jew News com

    Judicial-Inc biz (you must have the hyphen. works with


Pre-9/11, we fought a covert war on American soil – against Israel


    The Jonathon Pollard Pardon…The Final Stick In The Eye Of The American Intelligence Comunity

  2. Jewish kid Adam Gadahn aka Pearlman (FBI photo below)
    poses as “mujahid Azzam” and delivers “Al-Qaeda” threats
    to “Western nations” with Kalashnikov and Koran verses (above

  3. Do you really want to know why the arab world hate America? Because you americans are responsible for this …

  4. Globalresearch . ca

  5. The Truth Seeker

  6. “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for
    people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.”
    -Noam Chomsky

  7. Spiritual Uplifting

    Listen daily to:

  8. This is the only way to rid ourselves of the problem!

  9. AUSTRALIA’S mandatory net filter is being primed to block 10,000 websites as part of a blacklist of unspecified “unwanted content”.,21985,24645676-661,00.html

  10. Judicial – Inc Radio This is goooood.

    John Alan Martinson jr . com


  11. Bollyn is a real journalist.

  12. Mike Piper report . com

  13. The Jew mafia attack jews

    Jailing opinions

  14. I don’t know if this is any good, but the word jews is there and it have links upon links. You diecid.

  15. YEAH! Right, like the jews who kills palestinians by the 1000 every year gives a fluck about some negroes in Darfur. And the negroes in Darfur gives a fluck about jews! Yeah, right …

    Fight racism – not jews. Pic of negro. How stupid can it get! This is a typical jew mafia photoshop – just like the jew mafia photoshoped the “death camps” and shooting of jews all over the world during ww2. It’s one big jew mafia photoshop lie.

  16. Freedom of speech protected by Swedish Constitution

  17. The illiterate rarely vote, and when they do vote they do so without the ability to make decisions based on textual information. American political campaigns, which have learned to speak in the comforting epistemology of images, eschew real ideas and policy for cheap slogans and reassuring personal narratives. Political propaganda now masquerades as ideology. Political campaigns have become an experience. They do not require cognitive or self- critical skills. They are designed to ignite pseudo-religious feelings of euphoria, empowerment and collective salvation.

  18. According to Dr. Ignatiev, [he is ajew]

    “The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race.”

    “Make no mistake about it,” he says,

    “we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed,not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed.”

    Ethnic Ashkenazim Against Zionist Israel
    This website and the associated organization of the same name have the mission of providing Jews and non-Jews with the intellectual tools to stand up to Zionist intimidation and manipulation.

  19. When a contingent of U.S. soldiers opens a radar facility on a mountaintop in the Negev desert next month, Israel will for the first time in its 60-year history have a permanent foreign military base on its soil. And despite the early warning that the American radar would provide if Iran launches a missile attack on Israel, some senior Israeli officials are nonetheless wary about its presence. Complained one top official, “It’s a like a pair of golden handcuffs on Israel.”,8599,1846749,00.html

    Videos and articles

  20. The Nazis learned about Zyklon B from the US treatment of Mexicans.

    The ostensible reason for the US fumigation was the fear of a typhus epidemic. Yet in 1916, the year before such ‘baths’ were enforced, only two cases of typhus had occurred in the poorest El Paso slum.

    In 1938, three years before the first death camps of the Final Solution, Nazi chemist Dr Gerhard Peters published a full account, in German science journal Anzeiger fur Sahahlinskund, of the El Paso ‘disinfection’ plant. He included two photos and diagrams of the machinery which sprayed Zyklon B on railroad cars. (Peters went on to acquire Zyklon B’s German patent.

    In Ringside at the Revolution: An Underground Cultural History of El Paso and Juarez, David Dorado Romo establishes the US Immigration Department’s systematic brutality along the Rio Grande border.

    Obliterating Iraq

    Pakistan Daily published a list of Iraqi academics assassinated in Iraq during the US-led occupation.

    This is a particularly meaningful aspect of the Iraq genocide, the extermination of its intellectual classes. It wasn’t enough to invade and occupy what was once the most advanced country in the Middle East and destroy its economy. Iraq had to be obliterated, its history re-written and its future denied.

  21. Joseph Adam Ereli (center), the key State Dept. official directing U.S. policy in Iraq and the Persian Gulf, is a citizen of Israel due to the fact that his father is an Israeli from Tel Aviv — who also happened to be a Hagana terrorist.  Ereli has served in all the crucial Middle Eastern states prior to and during the Zionist fraud known as the “War on Terror.”  How can it be that the sons of Zionist terrorists from the Hagana, Irgun, and Stern Gang, are directing U.S. policy in the Middle East?  What does this say about who actually controls the U.S. government?  Don’t the Arab leaders know — or don’t they care who they do business with?  Ereli’s father was, after all, a member of the terrorist gang that ethnically cleansed Palestine in 1948.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    Today, the United States government is like the Sirius Star, a huge ship that has been hijacked by a small band of Somali pirates.  Like the Sirius Star, effective control of the U.S. and our foreign policy is in the hands of a dedicated band of Zionist and Israeli pirates who have hijacked the American ship of state to suit their agenda.

    The difference is that the passengers and crew of U.S.S. America don’t even realize that the ship has been taken over by a gang of pirates.  They might notice that the ship seems to be on a precarious and illogical course — but they assume, and are constantly assured, that it is still under the control of their chosen leaders.  The controlled mass media is like the public address system on the ship assuring the passengers that all is well — as the vessel is sinking.


    However, the most significant settlement was that of 15-20.000 Spanish Jews (Sepharadim) who, being percecuted by the Catholic kings Ferdinand and Isabella and the Inquisition, left Spain and settled in Thessaloniki in 1492. More Jews exiled form Sicily, Portugal and North Africa arrived as well. All these people settled in the city of Thessaloniki which was almost totally deserted after its conquest by the Turks in 1430. They occupied the area from Vardari Square to Diagonios Street and from Egnatia Street to the waterfront promenade.

    The Turkish – Israeli Connection and Its Jewish Roots,com_fireboard/Itemid,453/func,view/id,7753/catid,22/#7753

  23. Saakashvili: we started the war

    For the first time ever, Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili has admitted that his country started the military conflict in South Ossetia in August. But the Georgian leader is adamant the action was justified. He was testifying before a parliamentary commission investigating the five-day war.

  24. It is thus not surprising that this latest effort to unify hate crimes enforcement is the work of anti-Christian supremacist Jews. Jerusalem Post says, “The Convention was developed by The European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation (ECTR), a group formed at the initiative of the European Jewish Congress . . .” [emphasis mine]

  25. Somalia pirat

  26. “Obama’s first pick: I-S-R-A-E-L-I Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff” Haaretz

  27. This is a very good article about the jews contempt and hatred for anything real american. Meet jewish “comedian” Sandra Bernhard.

    This the jews in Germany did too, before Hitler kick’d the jews out. How long are you americans going to take this?

  28. “Jewish” humor = slander-smear and lies about all white people. Excellente article.

  29. YOU’VE got to hand it to the Israeli public relations flacks: only they could convince you that killing children was an act of self-defence.

  30. Gaza in “danish media”, they are all controlled by the jew mafia. Very good article in english.

  31. “Cairo hospitals treat Gaza’s war-scarred children -25 Jan 09”

  32. News and stuff about the Global Jew Mafia.

  33. Interesting links

  34. Hoff, It seems to me from reading this article that the jews are attempting to extort from Poland (under the guise of the Holy Hoax, of course)for “losses” which occurred when the jew communists in Russia took the properties of jews and non-jews – after WWII had ended!

    The article’s source is the “American” jewish Committee [AJC].

    “Last month, the Polish Government announced that it was reversing its longstanding promise to enact legislation to provide compensation to former property owners. Poland has asserted that such compensation would represent a serious economic burden, though the proposed legislation would have required reimbursements of only a small percentage of the original value. Poland, which will begin its six-month rotating Presidency of the EU in July, stands alone among new EU Member States in not addressing private property claims.

    “We very much welcome President Komorowski’s acknowledgement of his country’s failure to follow through on a promise to all victims, the majority of whom, it should be noted, are not Jews, who owned property in pre-war Poland,” said AJC Executive Director David Harris. “Holocaust survivors as well as Polish victims around the world have been waiting nearly a lifetime for compensation for their property. Time is rapidly running out, and Poland, a country with which AJC has enjoyed excellent relations, should make good on its promise.”

    Poland, Europe’s largest Jewish community before World War II, lost 90 percent of its 3.3 million Jews at the hands of the Nazis. After the war, Communist leaders seized property both of survivors and of those who fled the country as refugees.”


    I’m glad I found your link, Hoff. You know I consider you one of the premier knowledge sources available about jews and communists (same thing), and you have a great way to communicate your knowledge in a shortcut way that sticks. I’ve looked for a link such as this before, but didn’t locate this one. You have good information, but it is hell finding your way around your sites.

    I’ll stay in touch and I’m loading this link into my favorites so I’ll know just where to reach you. Good luck to you, Hoff.

  35. America is not under the rule of law. It is under rule by jewry. That is why Americans are harrassed and their patriots are imprisoned (See second link below). The jews are intent upon freeing their traitors who were convicted while America was still under the rule of law. American patriots who don’t know this are just unaware.

    This seems to be meant only for release by the jewish press and not for the American market.

    “While US President Barack Obama was busy orchestrating the assassination of terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden, his half brother Mark Ndesandjo reconnected with his Jewish roots on his first trip to Israel.”

    “Jewish Mark Ndesandjo meets with chief rabbi, agrees to press Obama to release Jonathan Pollard.”'s_Jewish_Half-Brother_in_Israel/

  36. Hoff,

    Hitler is not said to be involved – so I can’t leave this link on Jewlians site! That jew disinfo artist would try to turn it into that (and Incogman would probably let him)!

    “Child Prositution In Israel”

  37. The U.S. Department of Justice sent a letter tryihg to intimidate the House and Texas Senate leaders. The DOJ doesn’t like it that Texas is contemplating passage of an anti-groping bill aimed at the TSA.

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