9 – 11 is a fraud and it’s easy to prove

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This is it! This is the O-N -L-Y video you have to watch on 911 to understand that 911 is a fraud. 2 minute and you will get it.

Listen good to Robin Hordon. He is rare, he is a ATC, Air Traffic Controller. There is maybe one ATC to every 100.000 people or so. He knows what REALLY should happend 911. Listen good to him and then watch the animation o1:00 very closely, it’s short, just a few seconds.

You see the fighter flipp-flopping? Do you know what that mean? Most people do not know, but this is fighter pilot language for: YOU GO DOWN AND YOU DO IT RIGHT NOW OR I WILL SHOT YOU DOWN!

This is the fighter pilot job, to take command over the sky and it’s his duty to ground any airliner that don’t behave as supposed. This is why the air force is there in the first place, to control the sky.

The hijacking is not the problem, the problem is that no fighter intercepted the hijacked planes 911. Why diden’t any fighter intercept the planes 911? Because Rumsfeldt had grounded the fighters three month before 911.

If the fighters was scrambled 911 they would have flipp-flopped and if the airliner refused go down, they would be history and 911 would never happend.


ZERO : An Investigation Into 9/11 – PART 6 of 10. The only video you ever need to watch about 911. Five minute video and you will realise that everything that happend 15 minutes after the first plane go off course is of no interest whatsoever. That plane should have been intercepted by a fighter, the fighter would flip-flop and the airliner would be shot down if it refused to go down. Go down or be shot down – end of story, and 911 would never have happend.




The First Fifteen Minutes of September 11th
Former Air Traffic Controller Robin Hordon speaks out
on 9/11, NORAD and what should have happened on 9/11.




Pilots for 911 truth




There Are Only Two Logical Perpetrators Of 9/11



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  1. US Air Force bases – they are all over


    Animated map 911


  2. And what if… Sept. 11/2001 was a Jewish Holiday known as ‘The Day of Judgement’ ?… ~~~~ Well, guess what ? IT WAS !… Most people know the day better as ROSH HASHANA, which is the Jewish NEW YEARS DAY ! ~~~~ Look up ‘Rosh Hashana’ on Wikipedia, and as you read – keep 9/11 on your mind… you will see that 3000 Americans were ‘removed’ from The Book of Life… which only gets opened once a year – on JewNew Year’s day !

  3. You have to do better than that joshua to prove your case. I diden’t find any proof that Sep 11 2001 was on Rosh Hashana.

  4. Hoff, see Wikipedia – Under ‘Jewish Holidays 2000 – 2050’… It’s TRUE, man !

  5. … and if you looked at that page on wikipedia, then you may have also notice that the bombing campaign against Iraq (entitled Shock-n-Awe [Shekinah]) began on March 18, 2003… which was also the Jewish Holiday known as Purim. ~~~ Purim is a celebration of a ‘pre-emptive defensive attack’ by Jews on Gentiles in the Book of Esther… Which resulted in the slaughter of 75,000 men, women & children.

  6. Rosh Hashana WAS NOT on 9/11… The Jewish Holidays Page on Wikipedia is WRONG ! ~~~ Probably done on purpose to make people like me sound like morons… sadly it worked. ~~~ Sorry Hoff & everyone… ~~~ [Hoff… I am barred fr. Br. Nathan’s site, is there any way you could repost this on his site for me ? Thanks]

  7. The person that first brought out the fact the 9/11 was an inside job (later he learned it was a jew job) was Eric Hufschmid.

    He made the video “painful deceptions”.

    See his page in http://www.EircHufschmid.net for information on the jewish crime network.

  8. Main Page ➻ ➻ ➻ ➻ https://hoff2.wordpress.com/

  9. The person that first brought out the fact the 9/11 was an inside job (later he learned it was a jew job) was Eric Hufschmid.

    He made the video “painful deceptions”.

    See his page in http://www.erichufschmid.net/ for information on the jewish crime network.

  10. Dear Hoff,

    Just like I did on incog’s blog, I share here my little musings on “Al-Qaeda”, too:

    Do not tell me there is an “real islamist terrorist group called Al-Qaeda” hating the freedoms of the US, wishing to bring sharia to the US, wishing to plant the horsehair and crescent-moon flags on top of the White House…

    So, what the fuck “Al-Qaeda” is?

    Blackwater? US Special forces? Outside of Lawrence of fucking Arabia, no way will a paleface convince Arabs that he is just old homeboy Hassan from the neighborhood. And you can not set out non-involved FBI agents on faked trails if they recognise their own pals from the old Army days as Mohammad Atta.

    Arab mercenaries? There is only so much pregnant Arab women and kids and their puppies that an Arab mercenary will behead for a 100 dollar bill of the unbelievers. Can not be trusted, will not be trusted.

    So, how about that instead: “Al-Qaeda” is an US-Israeli joint operation, a pseudo-terrorist gang and a Media fakery.

    1. As a pseudo-terrorist gang, Al-Qaeda basically is the Israeli Defence Force’s so-called “Mistaravim” unit. Mistaravim translates “Like an Arab”, “Play an Arab”. Sephardim Juden who look like an Arab, speak the language, know the customs, and can sell themselves as islamist terrorist so even the Arabs believe them-compare that feat with convincing the average American TV-viewer.

    In the Middle East they are committing real terror attacks against the locals. When a bomb goes off in a crowded Baghdad market, it was Al-Qaeda. If an IED blows up a US convoy, it was the legit insurgency. False-flag operations and false-flag massacres are standard tactics of pseudo-terror gangs in Counter-Insurgency (CI) warfare. The Rhodesian Selous Scouts did them long years ago. Insurgents do not kill their own folks. But “foreign jihadists” massacring the locals can not hide among the locals without getting hurt: so they have to operate from US bases.

    2. In the Western World, Al-Qaeda is a Media fakery. Their beheading and threatening videos are always “found” by IDF-related SITE, siteintelgroup, who claim to find them on islamist extremist sites. Funny thing is, nobody was ever able to find these videos outside of SITE’s homepage. The Nick Berg video was proven fake, and the others are a laugh, too.

    Would you upload a video of yourself on the net if you plan terror attacks? The drones are up there with cameras, they may compare the live feed from you with your video image with a computer program, and the Hellfire rocket comes. If you wanted to terrorize the West, you will be stopped at the first CCTV. You do not show your face to an enemy with vast resources to hunt down and punish you-unless you have security clearance or you are just an actor.

    3. Of course, Al-Qaeda is covered in the TV and the news in faked and false-flag terror attacks. The aim is to sell to the viewers the War on Terror and the taking away of liberties. Old Osama was probably given a golden Amex card in exchange of letting his name be used as the second Hitler. The fakery has a more sinister aim: young muslim men are targeted and incited by these news and images to imitate and copy-cat what they see as “legit islamist terror” on TV, so those multibillion dollars funded Secret Services can go after real plots of a bunch of romantic amateur dickheads.This is what was called “Al-Qaeda-franchise” in the news a few years ago. Also, stupid fuckers are set up by FBI with fake bombs, these “home-grown terrorrists” are also named as Al-Qaeda.

    Al-Qaeda is Sayeret Matkal and Sayeret Duvdevan Mistaravim’s pseudo-terrorist gang. In the beginning of 2002, Netanyahu gave all Sayeret Duvdevan personnel medals for their “significant effect on the war on terror”. Makes you wander what operation happened last year which had THAT much effect on the war on terror…

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