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  1. Communist Manifesto was published 1848, over night 99 percent of all jews are communist – and are to this day and forever. Why? Because communism is a jewish fraud. Communist Manifesto is a quick version of Talmud, that is the jews bible. Talmud tells the jews that the jews are an elite that shall rule the world and that all the wealt in the world belongs to the jews. Communism says that the state shall be ruled by an elite and everything belongs to the state. Communism is exactly the same thing as Talmud judaism, and that is why 99 percent of all jews are communists.

    The ONLY thing that matter is to control the state! Once you do that you write all the laws and you control the police and the army. The jews are NOT interested in partly power, or having some influence – they want total power and that the jews had in Soviet. Jews controlled Soviet from 1917 to 1990. Once the jews controlled the Soviet state the next question is how big can that state be? East Euorope was controlled by Soviet and anyone that knows history knows that Soviet tried and succeded in expanding their power around the globe.

    It’s all about controlling the state and the jew mafia is 2oo8 in total control of the american state. The way the jews control America is very easy, anyone who run for president, senate or congress that is not pro-israel is outed. The jew mafia gives half of the campaign money to all candidates. If you are the slightest anti-israel, you don’t even have to be anti-israel, you can be a staunch pro-israel, but if you are just a itty-bitty pro-palestinian, then the jew mafia se you as anti-israel and you get no money.

    If that don’t do the trick then comes the next step, smear-slander and lies about you in the jew controlled propaganda machine called MSM, MainStreamMedia. The jew mafia owns and controls MSM and the jew mafia can “kill” you. They don’t talk about you and you are page twelv and all they write and say on tv and radio about you is in a bad context. End result is that at least 80 percent of all 100 in senate and 435 in congress ALWAYS vote as the jew mafia tell them to vote. All “president” in America is ALWAYS 100 percent pro-israel.

    The global jew mafia controls America and as I said before, to control the state totally is all that matters to the jews, and control America the jew mafia does. The jew mafia do not have partly power or strong influence – they control the american state! Control as in total power.

  2. Thanks for this article.

    Most people can’t see that the world is under almost total control of the jewish criminal network.

    See EricHufschmid,net for more information on these criminals.

  3. BRAVO!!!
    Keep up the great work!
    Have you ever heard of Patrick Grimm?

    Thank you for your blog!!!


  4. Thx 8o) Yes, about Grimm. Get over at incogman net

    That is where the action is.

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