This video make me sick. Jews shooting children for – sport. Gaza is nothing but a shooting range with live game for the criminal jews.

This video make me sick. Jews shooting children for – sport. Gaza is nothing but a shooting range with live game for the criminal jews.

“13 Year Old Shot with Live Ammunition in Palestine” – video.

Criminal jews killing children for sport

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  1. This is most disgraceful don’t they have any respect for the innocent? The worst part is their not even paying for what crimes they commit. Their free to roam around and slaughtering the unarmed whilst we stand and watch idly by.

  2. The Jew is the real nazi. They don’t respect the humanity of anyone but themselves.

  3. My grand father was in Palestine 1945-48. He saw teh victims of teh concentration camps do to the arabs exactly what had been done to them minus the gas chambers. Jews really do make me sick. All bar a few are always finding someway to defend Israel.
    Excuse me while I vomit. And before anyone asks , yes i have been to Israel in 2000

  4. gotta represent!

  5. Just to clear the air here the german did not gas the jews do some research you will discover the same so much has falsified and manipulated the germans arrested the jews and made them work but they deserved it look how they act towards people you can’t blame the germans for anyone who has 2 brain cells working in unison research the article from the american hebrew magazine written by martin glynn in 1919 october in it the claim is made that 6 million jews were being killed in a holocaust in ww1 sound familiar? Its a hoax fred leucter germar rudolph frederick toben ernst zundel all the people who even ask a question or research the truth are jailed for holocaust denial? Does anyone know that lenin trotsky stalin were all jews all of the communists in rrussia were jews they destroyed christian churches but not sinagouges? 60 million dead in russia in 2 decades 7 million in ukraine in one year how many other millions by the jewish controlled communists? Stalins real name is dzhugasvilli it means son of a jew american jewish organizations financed lenin 100% wake up people before its to late the americans are invading countries in order of the greater isreal plan come on its so obvious research any of these things you’ll find out the jews are lying to you

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